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Important Things to Consider

Powder or Powder-free?

Gloves are powdered with cornstarch to make donning of the gloves easier for the wearer. By and large, powdered gloves are less expensive than powder-free models but there are some drawbacks. The cornstarch is often messy and tends to leave unwanted sediments on clothing. In addition, the airborne powder may cause sneezing and allergies.

Latex or Synthetic alternatives

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions to the wearer, the patient or both. Synthetic gloves (vinyl and nitrile) offer a latex-free alternative. Synthetic gloves also contain no vulcanizing chemicals associated with Type IV allergic reactions. However, other components in synthetic gloves may cause allergic reactions. Synthetic gloves today have evolved to feel more like the traditional latex gloves without the natural rubber latex elements.

Caring for your skin

You wear your gloves all day long and are constantly washing and drying your hands. This cycle is a breeding ground for dried, chapped, and often irritated skin. The patented, aloe vera surface coated Aloetouch line of gloves provides relief for your irritated skin.

Ergonomic protection

Ergonomic products are increasing in popularity in all aspects of our lives, and now there is an ergonomic answer for the standard ambidextrous gloves. Left/Right fitted, hand specific gloves are made on formers designed more like the natural shape of your hands so they provide less resistance and less stress during glove usage. These ergonomic gloves are an invaluable resource for the individual donning gloves for extended periods of time.

Price and quality

Price is always a concern with consumers but it should never be the sole consideration when selecting a glove for your needs. The quality of a glove must also be measured when comparing the gloves that protect your hands all day long. An inexpensive glove with poor craftsmanship is a value to nobody. Our aim is to prove quality gloves at various price points to provide the best overall selection in the marketplace.